ARIEL detergent, Mom's best friend 💞

Rainy Season started as announced by PAGASA. We moms all know the struggle of having clean clothes without the foul smell in the absence of Mr. Sun.

For me, I owe our clean clothes to Ariel Sunrise Fresh. The powder for machine washed clothes and the bar for I still love hand washing.

Thanks a lot Ariel Sunrise Fresh for keeping our white clothes white and all our clothes smells clean even I hang and dry them at the garage and inside the house.

I don't use any fabric conditioner for my husband and kids has allergic rhinitis and our little girl have a very sensitive skin. So no no to super harsh detergents with fragrance.

Ariel Sunrise Fresh alone is enough for our clothes.

I wash my clothes since I was a kid for I used to live with my grandma for 14 years. I tried a lot of different brands of detergent. I even been a fan of a particular brand but it makes my hands so dry and damaged. Plus I have to use bleach to keep our whites white.

But thanks goodness for Ms. Kris Aquino's …

RF BISTRO a must visit place to chill

Lucky we are to be invited at the birthday
celebration of my sis-in-law's daughter held in RF BISTRO. We super love the ambiance. A place perfect for a small celebration. You'll feel like you're just home catching up with your friends and family. Perfect for some gatherings, may it be with office mates or friends and relatives that you were not able to see for a long time while enjoying your meal.

Not a typical kid's party where there were fun games and activities but my kids enjoyed the place itself for how the staffs made us feel comfortable.

And...... the foods are superb! From the kid's meal (spaghetti and fried chicken) to the crispy pata and pork sizzling sisig that my son loves..

They have a lot to offer.

From the All Day Breakfast, to their very affordable deals.

Plus! Their Boodle Feast and the RF Treats.

This place is lovable with its warm ambiance and delicious foods. 

For more information please refer to the first picture where you can find their conta…

Coco Line Naturals best for dry skin

Coco Line Naturals Intense Moisturizing Lotion
When it say intense, it trully is.

I am exclusively breastfeeding my little girl. It have been very hard for me to find some safe products to use. That is why my skin have been so dry. I got some white patches on my legs. But thanks again to Coco Line Naturals Intense Moisturizing Lotion. It cured my dry skin in no time. I am also using it as facial moisturizer. This lotion is easily absorbed that is why I have no issues using it this summer season. Unlike other lotions that I have tried, this one doesn't make me feel greasy. As I have mentioned, I am breastfeeding my little girl so I have to be very careful on every skin care products that I want to try. Coco Line Naturals, is paraben free and its main ingredient is virgin coconut oil. I love everything about coconut, from it have anti-bacterial effects to how it can work as hair and skin moisturizer. Plus my daughter's clothes' detergent is also made of coconut.

My 2 year-ol…

Goldilocks Junior Club FunDay is truly a Fun Day 😘

For a long time, my eldest wishes he would have a chance to go to KidZania Manila. As a mom, of such an achiever, loving and caring son, I know, KidZania is worth a try. But since we have a very budgeted lifestyle, which I smartly spends my husband's salary, I cannot prioritize my son's request.

But thanks goodness to Goldilocks Junior Club FunDay!!! We were able to make our son's wish granted. With Junior Club Membership Card, we got our son's KidZania ticket for only 250 pesos! Same as guardian's fee too. So we paid two tickets for a total of 500 pesos only! We saved 1,050 pesos!

On the event day, April 26, 2018 4:30-9pm, we were given a 50 KidZania check each, free meal (one piece chicken meal with a slice of cake each), FunDay shirt for the kid, and a loot bag with toys and a small pack of chocolate popcorn. My son is very happy. He really is. I feel it from his super smiles and the never ending Thank You Mommy. We still have a lot of KidZo and he haven't …

My Love for Huawei

Before I was convinced by my husband to buy a new phone, I have been using my Sony Ericsson for 7 years. Yes. Out of trend phone. But it is still working great. No doubt of its brand quality. But since I am jobless now, I cannot afford any of its latest phones. So we decided to buy the Huawei Y6 ii in gold. Simple, trendy, and affordable. Plus the quality.

The time we bought my Huawei Y6 ii, my husband has been using his Huawei Honor 4c in gold for over a year. Charging time 2.5 hours. 24 hours or more usage time.

He dropped it many times. Still, working good. He have it for more than 2 years as of today. In short, quality of his mobile phone is already proven and tested. Which also helped me decide to choose the same brand.

Here's my Huawei Y6 ii

Lots of Free Themes on Huawei Themes itself.

Camera is so good. With features to love.

I got mine from Sm Megamall with some freebies. It's cost that time was 7,999. Comes with a bag, free 16gb memory card, and a clear casing.
Today …

Goldilocks Products 💞

I have been loyal to a popular Cake Brand since 2007. But as years pass, I and my family have noticed that their products are getting smaller, too sweet, and pricey. That is why we decided to try the products of Goldilocks. And we never regret it. We super love their Cheesy Ensaymada, Dinuguan, Fresh Lumpia, The Black Velvet Round Cake, Cookies N' Cream Round Cake, Rainbow Cake, Greeting Cakes, Chocolate Overload Cake Roll, Chocolate Cake Roll, and the Mocha Cake Roll. When the budget is tight and the kids request a cake, we buy the singles or the sliced ones. Their products are all worth the price.

The Chocolate Lollipops

The Black Velvet for my Birthday 2012
The first time I bought cake for myself 💞

When my little girl, my second child turned 1, we bought her cake at Goldilocks.

It is the Rainbow Cake with layers of ube, vanilla, and strawberry. Not so sweet for the kids. The round colorful cake that brings excitement to the kids and kids at heart like me do worth its price at …

Belo Baby worth every penny

About a year ago, when my little one was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with skin asthma. Actually, that check up time is for her fever. But the pedia noticed some dry skin patches on her legs. Then I informed her that it started when my little one was about 2-3 months old, her inner folds have rashes and also her chest. We have tried to change her body wash and even her clothes detergent. The pedia then adviced me to watch every food she takes especially dairy products to make sure which one do triggers her allergies. And since I breastfed her, I too also have to watch every food I take. She also gave a list of skin care products to buy for my baby. We have tried each product. From soap, ointments, lotions, creams, baby wash etc. They are kind of expensive. And they doesn't worth the price. Because they haven't made any difference to my baby's skin. So I searched again the internet for what else maybe the answer for my baby's skin condition.

Belo Baby products cath…