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MoringaO2 My Family's Love

When I got pregnant with my second child, I have learned that I have to be extra careful on choosing skin care products to be used. Sad to know that most of my ever loved products are not safe for baby and so while nursing her. I have to say goodbye to them and find some breastfeeding friendly products. Took me some time to test first and finally choose which is which so my skin had been sad as me 😢

These are the four ingredients to be watch out for:
  Salicylic acid bha

It always takes time and effort for me before buying new products. I read every details and ingredients of each product. Tried and tested some. Some are safe, yes, but never does what it promised. There comes a time that I decided to stop using any product. It is exhausting to read those tiny letters at the back of each product, then test, and then realized, they are just a waste of time and money.

No one is happy with dry skin and hair fall that were as bad as you can imagine. I…


As a mom, all I want is the best and only the best for my kids. I know one of my best choices in life is my decision to breastfeed my little girl. I haven't able to do that to my son. The number one reason is lack of information about breastfeeding. I thought I don't have milk after trying to feed him for a day and my baby is still crying. Thinking that he doesn't get any milk from me, we decided to buy him formula milk. That is why when I got pregnant for my second baby, I started searching the internet all about breastfeeding, and big thanks to the Facebook group breastfeedingpinays. They really helped me a lot. Supplied me with a lot of information I need. To this moment, I am proud to inform you all, I successfully breastfeed my little girl for 21 months and counting and hopefully until she quits her own.

Breastfeeding is not as easy as it looks. It takes a mother's courage and dedication, time and effort. I will be sharing you some information, tips, and everythin…