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When I got pregnant with my second child, I have learned that I have to be extra careful on choosing skin care products to be used. Sad to know that most of my ever loved products are not safe for baby and so while nursing her. I have to say goodbye to them and find some breastfeeding friendly products. Took me some time to test first and finally choose which is which so my skin had been sad as me 😢

These are the four ingredients to be watch out for:
  Salicylic acid bha

It always takes time and effort for me before buying new products. I read every details and ingredients of each product. Tried and tested some. Some are safe, yes, but never does what it promised. There comes a time that I decided to stop using any product. It is exhausting to read those tiny letters at the back of each product, then test, and then realized, they are just a waste of time and money.

No one is happy with dry skin and hair fall that were as bad as you can imagine. I collect hair strands every morning and our bathroom drainage was clogged all the time. And then one day, I read about the MoringaO2 products. They claim to be safe even for babies too. So far I can say that they are.

Here are some of their products that we've tried and we love:

MoringaO2 Shampoo - the answer to my very bad hair fall and made my family's hair shiny and strong. Yes my family. This product works wonder as it made my little baby's hair grow fuller. She used to have a very thin hair.
It have Malunggay, Olive Oil and Omega from Sunflower Oil, and Argan Oil.
It promised to:
-Minimize hairfall
-Provide gentle cleansing
-Strengthens Hair
-Stimulates Hair Growth
-Moisture and Softens

MoringaO2 Soap - I love everything about this soap. It easily lathers and it smells so good. Keeps my skin feels so clean, soft, and smell fresh all day. Tried to my kids too and they smell fresh even they sweat but I had stop because I don't think Gluta-C is suitable for their skin.
This soap's benefits are:
-Helps slow down signs of aging
-Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
-Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
-Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
-Anti-bacterial and anti-acne
-May help relieve itch
-Skin lightening

MoringaO2 Lotion - my favorite of them all :) I am not a fan of any moisturizers because I am sweaty and I don't like the sticky feeling. My baby loves to cuddle most of the time and we doesn't live in an airconditioned house that is why I avoided putting lotions. Most lotions that I've tried are sticky especially those with spf's. Except this one. It is easily absorbed, smells good, makes my skin soft and not sticky even when I sweat. :) I love it <3
This lotion's benefits are:
-Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin

-Smoothens and softens dry, scaly skin
-Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
-Improves skin elasticity and suppleness
-Helps slow down signs of aging
-May help relieve itch
-Skin lightening
-UVA/UVB protection
-Quick absorption and non-greasy

MoringaO2 Therapy Oil - this oil is my baby's bestfriend. She had developed skin asthma. Her skin became sensitive and it is not easy for me to find products that are safe for her. Lucky we are, MoringaO2 have this oil that works from head to toe. Very effective on her rashes. I find it better than those expensive lotions and creams recommended by her pedia. It comes in two sizes which is very useful for me. I carry the small one whenever we go out especially when we go malling. My baby's skin gets easily dried out in an airconditioned place and thanks to this on the go oil, I am able to moisture my baby's skin anytime. We are using the big one at home. Not only on her skin but it also helps her hair grow fuller. I massage her scalp with this oil 30 minutes before she takes a bath and I apply again after. We really love this oil.
The benefits of this oil are:
For Hair and Scalp
-Softens and gives shine to hair
-Heps reduce hair loss
-Helps promote hair growth
-Helps reduce dandruff
-Helps soothe itchy/irritated scalp
For Face and Body
-Deeply moisturizing and absorbs quickly
-Helps control very dry and rough skin conditions on:
skin, lips, hands, cuticles, and cracked heels
-Helps control pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and acne
-Helps in minimizing wrinkles
-Helps in pore reduction
-Helps relieve insect bites and rashes
-Helps reduce stretch marks and minor scars

MoringaO2 Insect Repellent - wards off mosquitoes naturally. It contains citronella and it is DEET FREE.
Mosquitoes are everywhere especially during rainy seasons. I am very worried about my kids having any kind of sickness especially those like dengue. So aside from installing screens to our door and windows, and planting a lot of oregano, I used mosquito repellent to my kids. I used to have the other brand which is famous among others but since I've learned about harmful side effects of DEET, I prefer to use the safe one yet effective MoringaO2 insect repellent. The only thing I wish is hopefully it has long effectiveness like the other brand. My eldest spends 7 hours at school everyday. This repellent needs to be re apply every 2-3 hours. My son is only 8 years old. I cannot let him re apply it himself. So he's not protected for four hours. I am still searching for a repellent that have long effectiveness yet safe.  But I think, most natural insect repellents are needed to be re apply every 2-3 hours. Plus, it doesn't dries out my son's skin, since it also contains the main ingredients of MoringaO2 products, the malunggay, olive and omega oil.

There's some MoringaO2 products that I haven't tried yet. The conditioner, the argan oil, and the facial toner. The shampoo works on my hair fall alone, so I am contented for now. It is the facial toner that I am planning to try soon. They claim it to be safe for nursing moms like me. I still need to confirm it myself. I'll give you an update.

For more details about MoringaO2 products, here are the links of their website and facebook page:

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