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Perla White pure love to baby and mommy

I grew up with my grandmother and I was trained well for household chores. I washed my own clothes since I was a kid. I am not sure if that's the reason why my hands became so sensitive to detergents. My skin becomes dry and scaly every time I do the laundry. Since I have my own family, my laundry was doubled. We have a washing machine, but I still choose to hand wash. Doing the laundry is not a joke. It is very exhausting and my skin suffers. Aside from it dries, I always get cuts. That's why I use gloves every time I hand wash, and some times when I wash the heavy bedding and curtains with the washing machine. When my second child was diagnose with skin asthma, I searched for safe products for her including detergents for her clothes. I tried a lot of products, but Perla White is the best. Not only for my baby's clothes but also for our skin. Even without gloves, my skin does not become dry anymore, my skin feels so soft after I do the laundry. My baby's clothes smel…