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El Real the Real Pasta to Love

My husband loves spaghetti so much. Before we got married I ask my mom to teach me how to cook it. As years past, I tried different pastas. There's this brand I used to loved which I always prefer to use since 2009. My eldest loves spaghetti too. And also a fan of baked zitti and carbonara. When I got pregnant to my second child, I learned to eat healthier. And that extends when I decided to breastfeed her until she started eating too. I searched the internet for healthy foods I could make not only for her but for the whole family to enjoy. I also tried my best to have patience reading the labels of everything I buy. Until just last year, the rainbow colored pasta catches my attention. After reading the labels, I choose to buy it over the brand of pasta that I used to love. Why? Simply because it is healthier. So I told myself I must try it. I cooked the simple and easy to make yet healthy tuna pasta. We love it so much. And we enjoyed it more because of the rainbow colored pasta…