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Goldilocks Products 💞

I have been loyal to a popular Cake Brand since 2007. But as years pass, I and my family have noticed that their products are getting smaller, too sweet, and pricey. That is why we decided to try the products of Goldilocks. And we never regret it. We super love their Cheesy Ensaymada, Dinuguan, Fresh Lumpia, The Black Velvet Round Cake, Cookies N' Cream Round Cake, Rainbow Cake, Greeting Cakes, Chocolate Overload Cake Roll, Chocolate Cake Roll, and the Mocha Cake Roll. When the budget is tight and the kids request a cake, we buy the singles or the sliced ones. Their products are all worth the price.

The Chocolate Lollipops

The Black Velvet for my Birthday 2012
The first time I bought cake for myself 💞

When my little girl, my second child turned 1, we bought her cake at Goldilocks.

It is the Rainbow Cake with layers of ube, vanilla, and strawberry. Not so sweet for the kids. The round colorful cake that brings excitement to the kids and kids at heart like me do worth its price at …

Belo Baby worth every penny

About a year ago, when my little one was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with skin asthma. Actually, that check up time is for her fever. But the pedia noticed some dry skin patches on her legs. Then I informed her that it started when my little one was about 2-3 months old, her inner folds have rashes and also her chest. We have tried to change her body wash and even her clothes detergent. The pedia then adviced me to watch every food she takes especially dairy products to make sure which one do triggers her allergies. And since I breastfed her, I too also have to watch every food I take. She also gave a list of skin care products to buy for my baby. We have tried each product. From soap, ointments, lotions, creams, baby wash etc. They are kind of expensive. And they doesn't worth the price. Because they haven't made any difference to my baby's skin. So I searched again the internet for what else maybe the answer for my baby's skin condition.

Belo Baby products cath…