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About a year ago, when my little one was 18 months old, she was diagnosed with skin asthma. Actually, that check up time is for her fever. But the pedia noticed some dry skin patches on her legs. Then I informed her that it started when my little one was about 2-3 months old, her inner folds have rashes and also her chest. We have tried to change her body wash and even her clothes detergent. The pedia then adviced me to watch every food she takes especially dairy products to make sure which one do triggers her allergies. And since I breastfed her, I too also have to watch every food I take. She also gave a list of skin care products to buy for my baby. We have tried each product. From soap, ointments, lotions, creams, baby wash etc. They are kind of expensive. And they doesn't worth the price. Because they haven't made any difference to my baby's skin. So I searched again the internet for what else maybe the answer for my baby's skin condition.

Belo Baby products cathes my attention. Aside from I am a Belo products user too before I got pregnant, the Belo Baby products is endorsed by Scarlett Belo. The super cute Belo Little Girl. Read a lot of positive reviews about their products. Belo Baby claims to be 100% natural and have 0% harmful chemicals. Plus they are more affordable than what the pedia have recommended. So I decided, I must give it a try for my little one.

What I bought first is the Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash

As of today, February 6, 2018, we have purchased 10 bottles. It is really good for my little girl's skin. No irritations happened. Plus the smell. She's fresh all day even she's already a very active toddler. For the hair, it is smooth and smells fresh but since my little girl has thin hair before, I switched to a natural hair thickening shampoo.

It was on our 4th bottle I think when I have noticed a difference on its smell, color and its consistency. It became less creamy. That is why I brought my concern to Belo Baby group and I thank them for responding right away and informed me that they formulated the body wash to be Tear Free. Which is indicated at the bottle. I haven't noticed it. My bad 😄 As you may see it has lesser ingredients. I love it more for being Tear Free. More enjoyable bath time for my little girl 💞

I also love the Belo Baby Soap

Same as the body wash. Smells really good. Smooth on her skin. I use it as her bummy soap 😄
Here's another thing why mommies like me will love this soap too, We, adults can use the Belo Baby Soap too. 💞 It is not recommended for nursing moms like me to use any skin care or whitening product especially those with ingredients like Parabens, Formaldehyde, Salicylic Acid, and more. That is why Belo Baby Soap is safe not only for babies but for moms too.. Love it!

For the Belo Baby Lotion
It do helps in moisturizing my little girl's skin. But with her skin condition, this lotion's moisturizing effect is not enough. I have to re apply it many times a day. Smells good too. Really love the smell.

The Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer
I trained my kids to was their hands as much as possible. But whenever we go somewhere, we have Belo Baby Hand Sanitizer with us. We love the smell. We trust its promise. It kills 99% bacteria without damaging my kids skin 😘 My eldest, he's 8, always have this with him at school. To make sure his hands are germ free after using the toilet, before he eats, and before he holds her sister when we fetched him. Germ free. Smells good. Safe.

Belo Baby also have Talc Free Powder, Wipes, and Colognes. But I have not tried those products yet. For me, Belo Baby products are worth to try. I love the Body Wash and the Soap for my little girl.

Able to try Belo Baby Talc Free Powder, Wipes, and Colognes at last 😘 Here's my thoughts:

Belo Baby Talc Free Powder

When I learned about the danger of baby powders with talc, (talc or talcum causes cancer), the whole family stopped using any. Baby powders is a big help in keeping us fresh especially when summer. But I don't want to risk any of my family member's health so we all stopped. When Belo Baby introduced their talc free powder, I was quite hesitant to try it with my little girl. So I search the internet and I was convinced it is time to try it. And Yes, I think this powder is safe and worth to try. It keeps my little one fresh all day, and smells good. It is made of natural rice powder so I think that's the reason why it stay on the skin like as if it a flour. Feels like it protects like a thin lampin or fabric.

Belo Baby Wipes

With Belo Baby Wipes, it is easy and comfortable to clean my little girl. As I have mentioned, she has skin asthma. Frequently washing easily dries up her skin. Lately, I don't put her on diaper at day time. To train her and to let her skin breath too especially this summer season. She doesn't yet know when it is time to call me when she needs to pee. That is why she wet herself every time she pees. With the help of Belo Baby Wipes, I clean her without drying her skin. And without worrying about not cleaning her enough. The wipes are so soft, leaving her skin smooth and clean. And unlike other wipes that we have tried before, it doesn't leave a soap like residue. We love it.

The Belo Baby Colognes

We are not a fan of any colognes or perfumes. Especially those with strong smell because my kids and my husband's nose are too sensitive. They sneezes every time they smell something strong. But with the promise of being chemical free and not too strong smells, we tried Belo Baby Colognes and we love the Happy Tickle.

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