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I have been loyal to a popular Cake Brand since 2007. But as years pass, I and my family have noticed that their products are getting smaller, too sweet, and pricey. That is why we decided to try the products of Goldilocks. And we never regret it. We super love their Cheesy Ensaymada, Dinuguan, Fresh Lumpia, The Black Velvet Round Cake, Cookies N' Cream Round Cake, Rainbow Cake, Greeting Cakes, Chocolate Overload Cake Roll, Chocolate Cake Roll, and the Mocha Cake Roll. When the budget is tight and the kids request a cake, we buy the singles or the sliced ones. Their products are all worth the price.

The Chocolate Lollipops

The Black Velvet for my Birthday 2012
The first time I bought cake for myself 💞

When my little girl, my second child turned 1, we bought her cake at Goldilocks.

It is the Rainbow Cake with layers of ube, vanilla, and strawberry. Not so sweet for the kids. The round colorful cake that brings excitement to the kids and kids at heart like me do worth its price at 520 pesos.

What I love more about Goldilocks is that, they have online contest at their Facebook Page. I am one of the lucky winners of their Halloween Contest 2017 which all you have to do is take a picture with their Halloween Lollipops. My entry of course are my kids wearing their Halloween Costumes.

We won! Plus they enjoyed the Chocolate Lollipops. So yummy. Made of soft chocolates, in Halloween designs.

We won the super big 12x16 Dedication Cake (flavor of our choice) Mocha Chiffon, 3 Chocolate Lollipops, and a Junior Club Membership Card! So lucky we are! I scheduled the claiming date on my daughter's 2nd birthday.

On my birthday this month, I ordered through online the Chocolate Mousse. The ice cream like round cake. We love it. Super. 💞

The Goldilocks have an on going online contest which is the #PaDeliverPaPicture #(date of delivery). I joined the week 3 but not my lucky day. I still have a chance until March 15, this year so I will try my luck again 😉 C'mon guys, let's try our luck. Just like and follow Goldilocks facebook page and join their contest. Who knows, we'll be lucky too like the first four winners! Good Luck!!! 😘

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