Coco Line Naturals best for dry skin

Coco Line Naturals Intense Moisturizing Lotion
When it say intense, it trully is.

I am exclusively breastfeeding my little girl. It have been very hard for me to find some safe products to use. That is why my skin have been so dry. I got some white patches on my legs. But thanks again to Coco Line Naturals Intense Moisturizing Lotion. It cured my dry skin in no time. I am also using it as facial moisturizer. This lotion is easily absorbed that is why I have no issues using it this summer season. Unlike other lotions that I have tried, this one doesn't make me feel greasy. As I have mentioned, I am breastfeeding my little girl so I have to be very careful on every skin care products that I want to try. Coco Line Naturals, is paraben free and its main ingredient is virgin coconut oil. I love everything about coconut, from it have anti-bacterial effects to how it can work as hair and skin moisturizer. Plus my daughter's clothes' detergent is also made of coconut.

My 2 year-old (29 months) daughter has skin asthma. And this lotion have a big role on the changes on my baby's skin. This is the only lotion that keeps my little girl's skin soft and smooth whenever her skin starts to get very dry again. We have tried every doctor's recommended products from different creams and moisturizing products. And to be honest, they are pricey for a stay at home mom like me. But thanks goodness to Coco Line! For a very affordable and effective product they have made. The Coco Line Naturals Intense Moisturizing Lotion is the answer for my little girl's skin problem. It is indicated at the back label of this lotion that it is not for below 3 years old, but I can't help myself for applying it on my little girl's skin when it becomes dry. I just make sure I apply her a very thin layer after taking a bath and only when her skin gets super dry. That means once a month. There's time that her skin is fine like last month and this month.

Coco Line Naturals also have body wash and soap, I haven't tried yet. Also the Triple Whitening lines. It is  not recommended for a nursing mom like me to use any whitening products, so I will try the Triple Whitening when my little girl wean herself.

For more information about Coco Line Naturals, please follow their Facebook page.


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