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ARIEL detergent, Mom's best friend 💞

Rainy Season started as announced by PAGASA. We moms all know the struggle of having clean clothes without the foul smell in the absence of Mr. Sun.

For me, I owe our clean clothes to Ariel Sunrise Fresh. The powder for machine washed clothes and the bar for I still love hand washing.

Thanks a lot Ariel Sunrise Fresh for keeping our white clothes white and all our clothes smells clean even I hang and dry them at the garage and inside the house.

I don't use any fabric conditioner for my husband and kids has allergic rhinitis and our little girl have a very sensitive skin. So no no to super harsh detergents with fragrance.

Ariel Sunrise Fresh alone is enough for our clothes.

I wash my clothes since I was a kid for I used to live with my grandma for 14 years. I tried a lot of different brands of detergent. I even been a fan of a particular brand but it makes my hands so dry and damaged. Plus I have to use bleach to keep our whites white.

But thanks goodness for Ms. Kris Aquino's …