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Pete's Beauty Needs

Make up is part of every woman's life. Be it a simple powder and lip gloss for a casual day, or a full make up for a special occasion. Some of us are lucky to do it on our own. But most women (count me in 🙋)  don't have the talent. That's why we have to be thankful for people with their talented hands and passion for the art that they are ready to share.

My friend Pete of Pete's Beauty Needs is one of the best in our beloved Aklan province. I myself haven't tried his service yet but some of his clients were my friends and family and all of them have positive comments for Pete.

Check these pictures and for sure, you'll love to try his skills too.. 👇

My cousin's wife.
The gorgeous Wendy my friend.
My beautiful friend inside and out MeAnn.
My childhood friend Rina.

My friend's wife and Pete's college friend.
Pete also accepts make up services for prenup photoshoot which he is always willing to travel with the clients to their prenup photoshoot locat…